Charter fishing is one of the great recreational activities that the coast of Massachusetts has to offer. From May until late October, High Hook Charters is committed to offering you great fishing trips for all types of fish no matter how experienced of an angler you are. Early in the season we like to leave before sun up to catch the early morning bite which brings whales and tuna to the surface in frenzies. However, as the season goes on the bite tends to be a little later in the day.


For Tuna we head out 15 miles from the Gurnet lighthouse to Stellwagen Bank, a bank that at its shallowest part is 65 feet deep on the Southwest corner. The most common way we fish is with live bait which we hang from a kite. Depending on what is available, we use either pogies or mackerel, but will put out a bluefish every once in awhile to try for a giant. High Hook fishes some of the best waters in the World for the Bluefin tuna. While fishing for tuna, it is not unlikely to see whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, and sharks. Early in the season we get some nice 20-30 lbs striped bass on the bank as well.

The striped bass and bluefish charters are done mostly in Duxbury and the surrounding bays. We use live mackerel early in the season, and live pogies when they come in around early June. If you like catching the smaller “schoolies”, we can do light tackle action for them as well.