(PRICES ARE FOR UP TO 4 PEOPLE)  Ask about trips with 4+ people


(live bait or chunk fishing)


This trip consists of fishing the local waters for the larger striped bass. We will either live line or chunk mackerel or pogies. Best way to catch big bass.

FULL DAY TUNA or Shark (8hrs)


The most popular trip. We leave in the early morning and fish the morning and afternoon bite on the Bank. Not uncommon to hook several fish throughout the day.



Striped Bass show up in massive schools of the tip of Providence Town in late may. When they are running it gives you a great chance at big fish on light gear. A quick ride across Massachusetts bay puts us on the fishing grounds.


(Flounder, Fluke, Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass)


We will fish the local waters for what ever is running best at the time. Bottom fishing for flounder and Sea Bass is great for a family with young kids.



We are now offering a two day overnight trip to the Canyons onboard the 38 foot “Bank Tank” out of Plymouth Ma. This trip **Guarantees** to catch fish. Click Here to read more about what this trip offers.



This package includes three full day Tuna trips to be used on any open days throughout the fishing year. Fish the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Save money, catch Tuna



A 45 minute ride out puts you on the Haddock and Cod grounds where this year it has been lights out Haddock fishing.

seperateFor Striped Bass I recommend 1-3 people. If we are live-lining for bass it is hard to get more than three lines in the water at the same time. For Tuna we recommend 1-4 people. Please read the Terms & Conditions A cooler with ice is always provided to store cold drinks and food in. Dress warm. It is always easier to take some layers off than it is to get warm when we are out at sea. There is no bathroom on-board, so make sure you go before.
Click Here for a list of Suggested Items to Bring



Hyannis Tuna Fest

Hyannis MA, June 21st- 24th

Click here for more

Battle Of The Bay

Plymouth MA, October 4th-7th

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Call Capt. Willie at 781-291-1304 to plan your action packed fishing trip or Check Availability from the website. For more tournament information please contact


While fishing the Canyons you have a great chance of hooking up on a variety of fish. When the Captain announces “Fish On!” and your line is screaming off the reel, an amount of nervous excitement abounds in wonder if it can be the highly coveted Blue Marlin or Bigeye Tuna. You have the opportunity for five lines to go off at once. You begin to land fish with the first a 30 pound Mahi Mahi. The next two are 75 pound Yellowfin Tuna. The fourth fish a 40 pound Wahoo ( hands down the best tasting white fish in the ocean,) and the last, a 200 pound Bigeye! A two hour battle with a 300 pound powerful Bigeye Tuna in which the angler is the victor. Needless to say the celebration begins with uncontrollable and unstoppable high fives! As the Sun begins to set some think the fun is over, but this is when we set up on a drift along the canyon wall and begin to chum like crazy. Fishing four lines at night at varying depths allows us to catch swordfish on the deep drop, Yellow Fin on the mid range rods, and huge Mako’s coming right into the underwater lights on the top line.
Here is an example of a weekend trip (all trips don’t have to be on weekends) -We leave the dock Friday night between 6-7 PM -Wake up Sat morning on the fishing grounds and fish that morning and      afternoon -Saturday night we night fish for Sharks, Swordfish, and Tuna. -Wake up Sunday morning and fish the morning bite -Return to the dock Sunday afternoon
We do not run this trip all season long so Book now to reserve a spot. We recommend up to four customers.


  • A minimum 50% deposit is required to confirm charter bookings. The total balance is due by the day of the trip.
  • All trips must be paid in full before the charter.
  • A 10 day notice is needed for all cancellations or rescheduling. If you cannot reschedule you will lose your 50% deposit.
  • For any reason you cannot go on the charter, you may send someone in your place.
  • The Captain has the right to cancel the Charter for any reasons such as bad weather, mechanical problems, sickness, etc. If the captain does cancel the trip, you will be given the next available date(s). If you cannot take the next available date(s), the Captain reserves the right to postpone the trip to the next season.
  • NOTE: All tuna landed over 73 inches are property of the boat. The boat keeps the fish and the customers will receive a gift certificate towards another trip.

Suggested Items To Bring On Your Charter

  • Cooler for your catch
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • No black-soled shoes
  • Rain gear depending on the weather forecast