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Bluefin Tuna Charters

Duxbury Massachusetts is centrally located to some of the most productive Bluefin Tuna Fishing grounds that New England has to offer.


Duxbury is the perfect choice for your Bluefin tuna fishing charter due to the close proximity to all of the fishing grounds including  Stellwagen Bank and Cape Cod Bay.


A quick 15 mile run out of Duxbury Harbor, passing Gurnet Point, and across Massachusetts Bay puts us on Stellwagen Bank, which has some of the best Bluefin tuna fishing in the world.

Stellwagen Bank is a 17 mile bank where on the Southwest corner of the bank goes from 200 feet up to 65 feet. This upwelling brings an abundance of bait, which brings in Whales, Seals, Porpoise, and Tuna.


A typical Bluefin tuna fishing charter has a  4:30-5:30 am departure depending on the time of year and when the "bite" has been. Tuna  fishing charters are 8 hours minimum (full day) unless we have caught our limit and the party wants to come in earlier. 

If we need to stay longer or travel further to get on the fish, we will!

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What To Expect 

Every charter is different in what we catch.  Some trips we might have  5 or 6 giant bites and other trips we might have no bites, but High Hook is always one of the top boats in fish landed each year, so you're in good hands. Every trip we give 100% effort as we want to catch fish just as bad as the charter. 


As for the size of the fish, we have had a ton of giant Bluefin around in the last few years. Smaller tuna (under 73 inches) are still around as well. Everyday is different out on the ocean. If the conditions feel good and the boat has not gotten a bite, a lot of times we will stay out longer as we want to catch fish as bad as you.  You will call it quits before we do.  The smaller fish we catch are normally 100 - 250 pounds, and have been getting bigger each season. 

If we do land a giant tuna, it will automatically become property of the boat (Due to NMFS regulations) 

How We Fish For Tuna

Day to day and Month to Month the techniques change to catch Bluefin, as the tuna feed differently in the summer than into Fall. Most of our fishing is done with live bait. Although we do troll for smaller fish when they are around, our most productive and mastered technique is live bait. 

During the Summer months in years past, Kite fishing for Bluefin has been a very productive method in which we have mastered. Hanging a live bait from a kite waiting for a bluefin to get airborne and smash the bait can become mesmerizing!

We also will put live baits out on floats when the fish are feeding high in the water column  or weight baits down when they are focusing more on bait hugging the bottom. 

View pricing and book your Bluefin tuna charter today

 2022 Boston Bluefin Tournament 

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