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Shark Fishing Trips

Massachusetts is the home of Jaws! Our waters have some of the best Shark fishing on the East coast. The hot Summer months bring up warm water from the South in which brings Sharks into our waters. The best time to fish for sharks in this area is July through October. In the last few years we have seen a great number of sharks enter Massachusetts bay which we also catch while we are tuna fishing. 

Species We Catch

We have the opportunity to catch Blue sharks, Makos, Thresher, Porbeagle, and even see the Great Whites. We are not allowed to keep Great Whites, but we have them follow the chum slick up to the boat to say hello.  Although we do let most of our sharks go, we will keep an edible legal size shark if the charter would like. 

What To Expect

For a Shark charter we like to leave at 5:30-6:30am and they are all full day charters minimum (8hrs). We head out to Stellwagon Bank or the Eastern drop offs and humps where we chum and chunk to bring in the sharks. Most of the fishing is done on stand up gear so you get to experience the battle first hand. These are exciting trips as a lot of time you will see the sharks enter our chum slick before you get a bite. 

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