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Haddock and Cod Charters

We run Haddock and Cod trips early in the season through mid summer. The best cod and haddock fishing months are Mid April through June, but we fish for them all summer. Although they are here through the summer and fall, dogfish and other predators are very thick which can make for difficult fishing during those times. April through the first couple weeks of June is usually spectacular jigging with many double headers. 

For this type of fishing it is important that when the boat gets on fish that everyone is ready to drop as they swim in big schools. It's not uncommon that everyone on the boat will be on at the same time. Although every day is different on the water, when the haddock bite is good they can ware out your arm quickly. 

Due to current cod regulations, we can no longer bring cod home. You are allowed  to take 15 haddock per day, per person. Regulations change all the time so check on our blog for any updates. 

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What to expect

normal Haddock trip we like to leave the dock around 6am. For the last couple years early in the season the Haddock have been extremely close to home. Only 4-6 miles outside of the bay! As the season goes on, the fish push for the deeper water, 12-20 miles out of the harbor. All these trips are full days (8hrs) or extended half days (6hrs). A lot of times we are back early as the fishing can be really good some days and we get our limit early.

Like all of our other charters, we will go to where ever the fish are, if we have to go further we will. This is a great trip if you want to get meat for the table. 

Check out pricing for Haddock/cod trips here

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