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To secure a trip, a $100 deposit for half-day trips,  and a $300 deposit for full-day tuna trips is required to secure your reservation, which is transferable up to 1 year from your original booking date, if your trip is canceled due to weather or if you decide to cancel with at least 14 days’ notice. It is up to the captain to decide if your fishing charter will be canceled due to weather.  Although we do go out in the light rain, thunderstorms and wind are the largest determining factor for cancelations. If we decide your trip should be canceled due to inclement weather, we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you are looking for large groups, we can accommodate you as well with our multiple boat package. Great for bachelor parties, wedding parties, or if you just have a lot of friends, we gotcha. 


Dates available from April 15th - Dec 1st for fishing in Massachusetts

Trips for 2024


This trip consists of fishing the local waters for Striped Bass. We will head out to catch live bait and then bring them back in to fish the local bays.  Great trip to get multiple fish 


1-4 People


5 People


6 People

Half Day (4hrs)


Striped Bass show up in massive schools of the tip of Provincetown in late may. When they are running, it gives you a great chance at big fish on light gear. A quick ride across Massachusetts bay puts us on the fishing grounds.


Half Day (5hrs)

For tuna we leave in the early morning and head out to Stellwagen Bank where we catch our live bait. Not uncommon to hook several fish throughout the day. This trip gives you the best chance to battle the fish of a lifetime. 


1-4 People


5 People

Full Day (8hrs)


6 People


Haddock and Cod show up in mid April and stick around for most of the summer. When we are on the fish, these trips offer action packed bottom fishing, with a tasty result. 


1-4 People

3/4 Day (6hrs)

Full Day (8hrs)


1-4 People

For Sharks we will head out to the Eastern edge of Stellwagen Bank, where the edge drops off and we can chum the sharks in. We offer light tackle to let you experience the power these beasts have. 


Full Day (8hrs)

1-4 People


5-6 People


  • Full Payment is required on the day of trip. $100 deposit for half days and a $300 deposit for full days. For KIDS CAMPS and CERTIFICATES, Full payment is required for sign up or when  ordering.

  • The remaining balance due on the  trip must be paid in either cash or check.

  • Deposits are nonrefundable unless the Captain cancels the trip due to rough sea conditions or extreme weather, or if you cancel two weeks prior to charter date.

  • Prices are for up to (4 people) on the Calvin Beal, and (4 people) on the "Cape Cod" To add another person it is $100 added.

  • Alcohol is allowed on the boat, but being drunk is not. No drugs or hard booze allowed 

  • A tip gratuity of 15-20% is standard in the industry. We really appreciate it!

Trip Gratuity: Industry Standard Gratuity is 18 - 20% "Not Included"
The Mate is on board for the passengers assistance. Our mates are skilled  and earn most of their living from gratuity. This is Standard Industry Practice, similar to a restaurant server. The Mate will help you with your tackle and bait. They will prepare your catch to bring home. They help to make sure you are safe during emergency situations. If you are not satisfied with the service and efforts of the 1st Mate Please let the Captain know before paying your gratuity.  We want to make sure our service is up to expectations.

Where We Fish

For the local half day Striped bass trips we fish the Duxbury, Kingson, and Plymouth bays. The trip starts out with catching live bait about a mile offshore and bringing it back into the bays to "live line"

On a Race Point trip, we will head out a few miles and catch live bait, and then continue the 14 mile run across Massachusetts Bay. A lot of these trips are done with artificial lures or plugs as the fish move fast and is it the most effective  way to land a large bass. 

On Bluefin tuna trips we go where ever the bite is that week. Most the time we fish Stellwagon Bank, which is a large bank that starts 6 miles North or Provincetown. All Bluefin tuna trips are run using live bait. Each month we target them in different locations and with different techniques. 

Fish Regulations

  • Striped Bass-- 28"-35" Slot size, 1 Fish per Person,  

  • Bluefish-- No Minimum, 5 Fish per Person

  • Bluefin Tuna-- 3 Fish (27" to Less than 47") and 1 Fish (47" to Less than 73") per Trip *NMFS Updated 4/29/2020-With respect to large Bluefin tuna (greater than 73” curved fork length) permitted to be retained by our vessels under current regulations are the sole property of the vessel and captain.

  • Black Sea Bass-- 15" Minimum, 5 Fish per Person

  • Scup-- 9" Minimum, 50 Fish per Person, (May & June)

  • Haddock (Ground fish)-- 17" Minimum, 15 Fish per Person

  • Pollock-- No minimum, no limit

  • Cod-- catch and release only

  • Winter Flounder-- 12" minimum, 8 Fish Per Person

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen

  • Food

  • Beverages  (see note)

  • Camera

  • Sunglasses

  • Clothing to Suit the Weather (It Is Always Cooler Out on the Water)

  • Shoes without black soles (as they leave marks on the boat)

  • Cooler to Bring Your Fillets Home In

(Note) Although alchol is allowed, Being drunk is not. If someone in the party is intoxicated to the point where the Captain decides to go in, there will not be a refund on the trip

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