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Kids Camp 2021 (And A Tuna From Last Year)

High Hook is back at it again with the 2021 Kids Fishing Sessions. This will be the 5th season that we have been running the sessions. This year, we are running three, possibly four weeks of sessions. They start off in late June and end the last week of July, with another possible session the first week of Aug.

Last year we had a great turn out with over 70 kids fishing with us during the summer. We caught fish on every trip, although the keepers were hard to come by last season locally. The highlight of the camp was when we decided, (or the kids told us to take them tuna fishing). They had caught striped bass for two days so I took a look at the weather for the next day to see if it was doable. The seas were calling for one foot or less with zero wind, so I gave it a shot. The kids knew that it was an hour ride out and an hour ride in, so after getting bait, and going to show them a whale that was on the bank, we would have about 30-45 minutes of actual fishing time. They didn't care so we went for it. Most of the Tuna around all season were giants, so I figured we would hook a monster and then have to cut the line to give us time to get home for the 10:45am ending. Once we set up, the fog rolled in and one of the kids on the boat was getting a little scared I could tell, so I said we were giving it 20 more minutes. 5 minutes later the rod bent over, and on the first run I could tell that it wasn't a giant. but a "keeper" sized tuna which has to be under 73". The kids all took turns on the rod and we got the fish into the boat within 15 minutes. After a quick ride home across Mass bay we were back at the dock by 10am and had the fish cut up by 10:45 for everyone to take home.

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